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Seine Aval Ecopark mixed development zone

A home for eco-activities in the Greater Paris region

Carrières-sous-Poissy / Triel-sur-Seine

The Seine Aval Ecopark lies at the heart of the Seine-Oise confluence, 25 minutes from Paris by the A13 and A14 motorways, and with close links to the A15 motorway via departmental highways RD30 and RD190. Ideally situated at the intersection of the Paris-Normandy axis and the Seine - North Europe Canal, close to the RER A station and shortly to be served by the RER EOLE, this site is intended to serve as a preferred location for the accommodation of companies in the ecoconstruction business and eco-industries who are looking to occupy a strategic position to the west of Paris.

By 2017, the Seine Aval Ecopark will enjoy the services of a 25-hectare commercial port, to be constructed by the Paris Port Authority, which will ensure that those companies who choose to locate here will have optimum access to multimode freight facilities.

In terms of urban development, this project, initiated by the EPAMSA, has been conceived as a sustainable district for the pursuit of eco-activities, a site for activities, everyday living and recreational walking. The Ecopark is structured around two major wooded avenues connected to RD 190 highway, giving outstanding views of the banks of the Seine and terminating at the Eco-port. As genuine ecological corridors and sites for walking, these avenues will define a district which combines an urban sector, incorporating housing and facilities to the south (Vanderbilt Park and Château, vocational college), with a dedicated sector for companies, as an extension of the port.

The Fabrique 21 development, the first element of the Ecopark, was delivered in 2012. This commercial property development, covering over 5,000 m², provides companies in the eco-construction sector with an ideal site for development, combining offices, workshops, a materials library, wholesale and retail spaces for eco-materials, a campus for training in eco-construction trades and a consultancy facility for professionals and individuals.


QUINTET Agency (architects & urban planners)/la Compagnie du Paysage
(landscape architects)/Urban-Eco (environmental engineering)/ 8'18'' (light designers)

Anticipated schedule
2012 : Opening of the Fabrique 21 development
2014 : Start of works
2015 : Accommodation of first users of the site
2017 : Delivery of the first phase of the 2 Rives de Seine Eco-port


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200 hectares, area of mixed development
90 hectares of developed operational area
50 disposable hectares dedicated to activities
2 500 jobs in the long term
280 housing units
1 25 hectare 2 Rives de Seine Eco-port
Fabrique 21 a showcase for the eco-construction sector
1 park surrounding the Château Vanderbilt, redeveloped into
an artistic and cultural facility
1 25-hectare Zone of Ecological Interest

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