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Mantes University mixed development zone

Creating the heart of an urban centre

Mantes-la-Ville / Buchelay / Mantes-la-jolie


At the intersection of the municipalities of Mantes-la-Ville, Buchelay and Mantes-la-Jolie, the EPAMSA is reclaiming disused industrial and railway sites in the heart of this urban setting by designing a mixed development in the vicinity of the SNCF station, forming a new multi-mode interchange which is to accommodate the RER EOLE by 2020.
The technological university centre, the shopping centre to be constructed from the redeveloped Sulzer factory building and public facilities will be incorporated into the existing fabric, thus restoring a coherent urban structure. Contemporary architecture will make its contribution to the renewal of the local image.



Bruno Fortier (architect & urban planner)/Arcadis (technical design office /Territoires Agency (landscape architects)/Innex (technical design office for the environment)


Initial projects
In progress
Facilities Facilities
Institute of Sciences & Technology of Les Yvelines (ISTY) - 2013
Ile-de-France Region (principal)/Badia Berger (project management)

The "Halle en Ville" shopping centre
Hammerson (principal)/Reichen & Robert (project management)

Aquasport" swimming pool - 2013
Mantes en Yvelines inter-municipal partnership (principal)/ Mimram (project management)
IUT technological university centre (1st phase)
General Council of Les Yvelines (principal)/ Epicuria Architects (project management)
National School of Music (ENM) - 2011
CAMY (principal)/ Badia Berger (project management)
Housing Housing

« Les Meuniers »- 2012
158 housing units, including 57 subsidized housing units Brenac & Gonzalez (project management)

Subsidized residence for students/young workers
145 rooms and 35 subsidized housing units Babel Agency (project management)

ENM sector - 2011
280 housing units, including 32 subsidized housing units (Mantes Yvelines Habitat), nursery, shops and offices, C. Hauvette & AMA (project management) – T. Melot

240 apartments including 49 subsidized apartments
Devillers Agency & SOA (project management)


Anticipated schedule
2014: Start of works on the shopping centre, public
spaces and housing
2015: Delivery of first residential buildings
2016: Delivery of IUT (1st phase) and the "Halle
en Ville" development
2020/2022: Completion of district for the arrival of the


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266 000
of floor surface
129 000 m² of housing (20% subsidized housing), or over 2,000  housing units in the long term
90 000 m² of shops/offices/businesses and services
47 000 m² of facilities
1 technological university centre: over 2,000 students
1 swimming pool
1 urban park of area 1.5 hectares
1 national music school
Local facilities, including 1 infant and primary school, 1 nursery

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