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Town center

Upgrading the town center



The municipality of Limay, which has 16,000 inhabitants, is currently experiencing some difficulty in encouraging activity in its town center, notwithstanding the presence of numerous beneficial features: a long-standing heritage, administrative, educational and cultural facilities, etc.

Under the terms of a convention concluded between the municipality and the EPAMSA, an urban development and landscaping analysis has been undertaken within the perimeter of the town center, with the following objectives:

  • reinforcement of the existing central focus;
  • identification of stimuli for the upgrading of the town center;
  • determination of the requisite conditions for the maintenance of functional diversity in a town center (shops, services, housing, activities, public spaces).

This initiative has allowed the identification of those sectors which are to enter an operational phase, and will be
the subject of a development procedure to be concluded directly with the operators concerned.


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Town centre housing and shops (food and clothing outlets)


2011/2012: Urban design analyses
2014/2015: Operational launch

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