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Le Mitan district

Reinventing the village spirit



The village de Chapet, which is typical of Les Yvelines, has substantial land reserves in the east of the municipality.

As part of an initiative for the enhancement of the Le Mitan district, the aim is to extend the existing settlement by creating a development of housing and public facilities which blend perfectly with the historical architecture in place.

This project involves the conception of a new approach to village development, which departs from the principles of division by plots.



Agence Urban Act (Architects & urban planners)


The municipality and the EPAMSA have assigned the completion of an
urban design analysis to the Urban Act agency, who have devised a project
for the following:

  • reinforcement of a living space with a focus on the environment and agricultural land,
  • progressive and rational densification, as a continuation of the village,
  • forging a link between nature, the pace of life and a new quality of urban living,
  • enhancement of exchanges through the creation of new public spaces,
  • exploitation of local resources for economic generation (an ethical agricultural cooperative, local shops),
  • enhancement of mobility by the creation of eco-friendly means of access (walkways, green roads, transport services).


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  • B2.3-Chapet2.jpg

340 housing units
5 000 m² of local businesses, shops and facilities
2014: Initiation of urban planning contract
2015: Initiation of administrative procedures

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