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Sited at the intersection between France's "automobile valley" and the Parisian conurbation, Seine Aval is the ideal location for industrial development, enjoying both geographical and strategic links to research centres in the south of Les Yvelines.

With a view to developing an economic activity zone in conjunction with the nearby Renault and Lyonnaise des Eaux plants, the inter-municipal partnership of Vexin-Seine, the municipality of Flins-sur-Seine and the EPAMSA have initiated preliminary design analyses for the construction of an ecopark which is intended to provide a home for high-tech enterprises and companies specializing in water.



Benjamin Fleury, Urbatec, Babylone (Architects & urban planners)


Located in the industrial heart of Seine Aval, in the vicinity of the Renault plant, the project enjoys a preferential and exceptionally well-served geographical location. Just a few metres from the A13 motorway interchange and Aubergenville station (40 minutes from Paris), the ecopark will form part of a dynamic economic development, comprised of a number of business zones, at the gateway to the Les Chevries Economic Activity Area.

This ecopark will offer pooled services to future companies wishing to locate in the strategic link formed by the territory of Seine Aval.


2012: Initiation of project management analyses
2014/2015: Finalization of operational analyses
2014/2016: Sale of plots


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8 Area of 8 hectares
49 000 m² of disposable business space

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