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Le Mantois renovation project

Improving facilities, changing image

Mantes-la-Jolie / Mantes-la-Ville



AqualudeInitiated some fifteen years ago, and encouraged in 2005 by the efforts of the ANRU (national agency for urban renewal), the project for the renovation of the Le Mantois district, coordinated by the EPAMSA, has allowed the redevelopment of public spaces, the improvement of the living environment and the renewal of housing stock.
Economic dynamism has returned with the arrival of new shops, a hotel and offices, while major public facilities, accessible to all residents of Le Mantois, have opened their doors. In the near future, a high-frequency bus service, the TZen, linking the station at Mantes-laJolie to the new riverside eco-district at Mantes/Rosny-sur-Seine, will serve the Val Fourré.


VF Peintres The image of districts can change, as major urban redevelopment projects contribute to their release from isolation. From the Val Fourré to Mantesla-Jolie, Les Brouets and Merisiers, and from the Domaine de la Vallée to Mantes-la-Ville, new residential routes have been opened up by the diversification of facilities, while the number of new residents bears witness to the appeal of these districts.

Bassin écologique

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2 100
housing units demolished
Over 2 600 old housing units reinstated and developed for
210 new housing units, including 165 units covered by the first-time buyer scheme
6 districts entirely renovated
potential of 500

housing units in the medium term (6 – 7 land development opportunities)


Key Dates

1998: Initial demolition operations in the Les Peintres district

2000: Redevelopment of the Mantes 2 shopping centre, opening of the new town hall for the district

2005: Initial construction of housing for first-time buyers

2006: Opening of the Aimé-Césaire community

2011: Opening of the Aqualude swimming pool
2012: Renovation of the Les Ecrivains district
2013: Renovation of the Les Garennes district


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