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The La Noé district

Enhancing the new appeal of La Noé


Designed in the 70s by architect Emile Aillaud, the La Noé mixed development zone was no longer consistent with the contemporary requirements of an urban living environment. The isolation of the district, the deterioration of buildings and the exceptionally high vacancy of subsidized housing stock all called for large-scale intervention.

The urban renewal project, developed by the EPAMSA and the municipality, has allowed the reintegration of the site in its environment, together with the restructuring of housing stock, and has been conducive to the movement of residents within the municipality. The creation of high-quality housing developments has also attracted new inhabitants from outside the municipality.

The convention concluded with the ANRU (national agency for urban renewal) is due to end in 2016. Following an intense phase of reinvestment, the transformation of the district is assured, and a process of normalisation has begun. The completion of private projects at strategic locations provides evidence of the renewed appeal of La Noé. Today, this positive development suggests that there are further prospects for intervention.


Major operations/Key facilities

1 - Place de Jade
2 - Place du Pas - Rue des Pierreuses
3 - Carrefour Pierreuses - Poissy / Interchange Pierreuses - Poissy
4 - Place des Arcades
5 - Été Vert
6 - Espace Emploi Entreprises
7 - Pôle Gare / Station complex
8 - Maison de la Petite Enfance
9 - Complexe sportif Laura Fiessel / Laura Fiessel sports complex
10 - Zac des Feucherêts / Les Feucherêts mixed development zone
11 - Résidence du Pressoir
12 - Le Hameau des Vignes
13 - Résidence du Parc Champeau
14 - Jardin des Mais
15 - Ellipse
16 - Poste de police / Police station


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6 000
m of new or regraded roadways
1 400 housing units renovated
5 school facilities redeveloped
potential of 350 housing units
283 housing units demolished
385 new housing units
5 public squares redeveloped
Key dates
2000: Central redevelopment of the district
2005: Opening of the "Espace Emploi Entreprise" employment & enterprise centre
2007: Opening of the "Mail du Coteau" mall
2009: Opening of the "Maison de la Petite Enfance" children's centre
2011: Opening of the Place des Arcades
2012: Completion of the Place de Jade
2013: Opening of new shops on the Rue des Pierreuses

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