The EPAMSA (public establishment for the development of Mantois - Seine Aval) directs the Seine Aval Operation of National Interest. This agency assumes the following functions:

  • project manager for the Seine Aval Operation of National Interest, urban renovation projects in Mantois and Chanteloup-les-Vignes, and European programmes;
  • project contract management authority, acting on behalf of territorial authorities;
  • site developer for the construction of housing and the establishment of companies, in accordance with stringent quality criteria for urban planning and the environment;
  • investor in redevelopment, the restoration of property units to the market, and the development of economic activities.

In order to achieve these objectives, the EPAMSA works in close collaboration with the EPFY (the public property establishment of Les Yvelines) and all stakeholders in territorial development. The agency initiates development and investment operations, for which it assumes the risk. As the preferred contact for decision-makers in the property sector, the EPAMSA supports operators in all their property development and construction projects.

Working closely with local authorities, territorial authorities responsible for economic development (Central Government, the Region, the Department, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Regional Development Agency, centres of competitive excellence, etc.) and enterprises, the EPAMSA constitutes a strategic operational facility for Seine Aval. A public establishment, administered by a Board of Directors comprised of elected representatives and government-appointed administrators, the EPAMSA is the collective project management authority for Seine Aval, and has proved its capabilities, specifically through its operations in the urban districts of Mantes en Yvelines and Chanteloup-les-Vignes.