Seine Aval and its transport networks

Well-endowed with road and rail infrastructures, Seine Aval also has plans for key port facilities, which will be developed by the Greater Paris Region/Seine-Oise confluence. More generally, the district is committed to innovation in terms of mobility.It has France's densest network of public terminals for the recharging of electric vehicles (under the SAVE [Seine Aval Véhicules Electriques] scheme for electric vehicles), thus combining the agreeable qualities of electric mobility, industrial issues in the region and concerns regarding air quality and climate change.

Green transport facilities have not been overlooked, specifically by the creation of 4 dedicated walkways on the Seine.

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The A13 motorway connects Seine Aval to Normandy and Paris in 1 hour and 30 minutes respectively. The A14 motorway provides a direct connection to the business district of La Défense. Road projects will eliminate the isolation of certain sectors, with the construction of new departmental bridges at Achères (on the RD30-RD190 link in the Chanteloup ring road) and Gargenville (the A13-RD28 link to CergyPontoise), the new interchange on the A13 to the west of Buchelay, or the project for the extension of the Ile-de-France orbital (A104).


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The extension of the RER E (EOLE) serving Seine Aval via La Défense through to Mantes-la-Jolie is a spearhead project for the improvement of transport facilities. This project was the subject of a declaration of public interest in January 2013, and will be brought into service in 2020. The connection beween Achères (RER A) and Saint-Cyr-l'École (RER C) via Poissy will be completed by the western tangential rail link ("tangentielle ouest" or "TGO") by 2020.



As a gateway to the west of the Ile-de-France and a natural outlet for the Seine-North Europe Canal, Seine Aval has major port facilities: today, these include Limay-Porcheville and Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, with facilities at Triel-sur-Seine and Achères planned for the future.




Anticipated schedule

2016: Opening of the eco-port at Triel-sur-Seine

2019: Entry into service of the TGO link between Achères (RER A) and Saint-Cyr-l'École (RER C) via Poissy

2022: Opening of the central section of the Seine-North Europe Canal

2030: Completion of a major multi-mode platform at Achères, at the outlet of the Canal, the "Port Seine Métropole".