Seine Aval, a district with ambitions

Which district ?


35 minutes from Paris, flanking the Seine and the A13 and A14 motorways, the Seine Aval district forms one of the key strategic links in the Grand Paris region, lying at the heart of major projects sited in the Seine Valley (Paris -Normandy axis) and the Seine-Oise confluence with the Seine-North Europe Canal. Now the site of an Operation of National Interest*, objectives for the Seine Aval territory are as follows:

  • economic development,
  • housing, with a target of 2,500 new housing units per annum,
  • improvement of the transport network,
  • conservation and enhancement of the environment.

* An Operation of National Interest is a territorial development project funded by Central Government and local authorities for the benefit of inhabitants, enterprises and the environment.


The ports of Grand Paris

The Seine Valley is one of the major freight transport corridors in Europe, with the Normandy ports providing a natural facility for the routing of maritime traffic to the Paris region. Seine Aval, with its 4 commercial ports, is becoming the strategic location for innovative logistics associated with industrial operations and freight traffic in the Greater Paris region.

An exceptional living enviironment

Seine Aval offers the appeal of exceptional landscapes, while its cultural wealth and preserved natural spaces are a constant source of surprise.
Panoramic landscapes provide the residents of Les Yvelines with a living environment where town and nature coexist, less than 40 km de Paris, at the gateway to Normandy. In the interests of the conservation and enhancement of this heritage, which is largely associated with the river, the EPAMSA has developed the Seine Park project, the object of which is the development of the banks to the Seine to provide sites for walking and exploration (parks, open-air catering outlets, leisure facilities, green transport routes with walkways, etc.).

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